EdgeScapes supplies high quality concrete landscape curbing to Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas.

We have certified curbing experts that will install quality curbing to your satisfaction. EdgeScapes can assist you in turning your yard into a piece of art.

Features and benefits to concrete curb edging:

~A long lasting high quality alternative to metal, wood or plastic edging
~Highly durable, but less expensive
~Saves time by making lawn maintenance simpler
~Cleans up easily with a edger or trimmer without damaging the edging
~Beautifies your yard by placing a frame around your flower beds
~Flexible design options which allow for straight lines, curves and turns
~Concrete edging has the potential to increase the value of your home

Please browse through our photos and see the variety of options that are available to you. Choose from many different styles and colors.


Curb Styles

We have three basic curb molds.

Mower Style -- This style is very popular because it is installed to both accommodate a lawn mower wheel and at the same time retain gardening materials because of it's higher back side. It also has great curb appeal because it sets off the landscaping with a picture frame type of look.
Slant Style - The slant style became popular in the 90's because it can be stamped and textured or done in regular gray concrete as can the curb style. But, unlike the curb style, it has the unique ability to also hold in gardening materials because the back of the curb is higher than the front. The front side of the curb is generally set a ground level to accommodate lawn mower wheels. The slanted look shows off any texturing or stamping that may be applied.

6x4 Curb Style -- The curb style is generally set at ground level for lawn mowing. It is very popular in commercial lawn settings because it handles larger mower wheels and has a more massive look. It can be installed as regular gray concrete or it can be stamped and textured. Because it is set at ground level it is not as easily seen from the street and therefore leaves a groomed look without seeing as much concrete edging.